Green Cleaning

As all decisions are made locally, we are able to pay special attention to the unique environmental concerns of the Pacific Northwest. Not only do we work here, but we live here, and so when using cleaning products we must keep in mind the health of our children, our grandchildren, and future generations. In looking at the companies where we purchase our supplies, we constantly remind ourselves "there is no away" as in landfills. We try to be the best stewards possible when selecting products.


PBS has partnered with Diversey to implement a standard of Health High Performance Cleaning. The cleaning chemicals we use in our buildings are Green Seal, LEED® certified products that are better for the environment than standard cleaning products such as chlorine bleaches, phosphates, and other harmful chemicals. Our products are biodegradable and are distributed in blending stations rather than aerosol based cans. We also utilize paper products that are Green Seal and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved. Environmentally sensitive chemicals and paper products are key aspects of sustainable cleaning practices.

Indoor air quality is one of the most important environmental issues in our lives today. That is why we have also developed the Healthy High Performance Training Manual, which is specific to each building. This program is designed to improve a building's environmental quality and sustainability, as well as ensure a clean and safe work environment for employees, visitors and maintenance staff. This in turn will improve employee and occupant health and productivity, and provide a new opportunity to market and differentiate your company from competition.

We also have our own in house green cleaning expert, Henry Fielding. Henry has a twenty-five year background in global operations, responsible for facilities worldwide. He is a graduate of Bainbridge Graduate Institute's Sustainability in Business program including Environmental and Social Justice. We can help you meet your green cleaning objectives as well as help your building become LEED® certified.

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