Hiring Practices

Pacific Building Services recognizes that the satisfaction of our customers and the cleanliness of our buildings are largely determined by the quality of employees who are actually performing the work. Because of this, PBS puts substantial time and effort into the recruiting and hiring process. Our Human Resource Manager works hard to ensure the people in your buildings are not only good at their jobs, but are also reliable and trustworthy citizens. We believe we are the most selective recruiters in the industry.


We start by thoroughly screening applicants for their cleaning experience, training, longevity at previous jobs, and factors relating to their personal character. Only the top applicants are chosen for interviews. During the interview process, the applicants’ skills are carefully assessed and a thoughtful determination of their character is made. Once a hiring decision is made, two important checks are performed.

A security background check is performed on every potential employee. This investigation tells us whether or not the person has been convicted
of any misdemeanor offense other than routine traffic violations or any felonies. PBS then takes the uncommon step of performing a drug test. This drug screen is administered and analyzed by U.S. HealthWorks. People who have committed crimes in the past or who use drugs are not the type of people we want in our company or in your buildings. Drug use increases the risk of theft and other problems that cause angry tenants and headaches for everyone.

Once the applicants have passed these tests and the discerning review of our Human Resources Manager they are hired on a temporary basis. After a 520 hour probationary period, an evaluation is made of the employee's work performance, attendance, attitude and commitment. Only after a successful probationary period are they then eligible to become permanent PBS employees.

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