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Pacific Building Services is headquartered in Bellevue Washington and serves commercial clients in a wide array of industries throughout the Pacific Northwest. PBS is locally owned and managed, which keeps all decision making at the local level. This helps us to be more responsive to our clients than our national competitors with home offices in other areas of the country. It also keeps the building maintenance dollars in the Northwest, which in turn supports the tenants of the buildings we serve.


PBS is a member of the Seattle and Portland Building Owners & Managers Associations (BOMA). Our employees are also members of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 6. Thus our employees receive benefits such as health insurance, vacation pay, a retirement plan, and more. Most non-union employers do not have these benefits and therefore do not maintain the quality of employee that we do. Our benefits package also helps to reduce turnover, which directly affects the quality of work performed. Long term, satisfied employees translate to cleaner buildings and fewer problems.

We also hire highly experienced management and supervisory personnel. The people who oversee our day and night operations are widely known to be among the very best in the industry. Our supervisory staff is also hand picked to ensure that we have the very best people in your buildings on a daily basis. Quality management is another factor that leads to cleaner buildings and fewer problems.

We are proud that our satisfaction rate is among the highest in the industry. In fact, each building that appears on these pages represents one of our satisfied clients. We hope that our potential customers will speak with the property managers and take a look at the appearance of our buildings and those of our competitors before selecting a janitorial service provider.

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