Quality Assurance

In the highly competitive market for janitorial services, it’s difficult to stand apart. That is why the cleanliness of our buildings and the satisfaction of our clients are so vitally important to us. Pacific Building Services understands that it takes two key ingredients to ensure the highest cleaning standards can be achieved on a consistent basis.

The first step is to hire the best people available. In addition to having highly experienced and respected managerial staff, we also employ the finest cleaning personnel available in the industry. Unlike most of our competitors, we require both a pre-employment security background check and a pre-employment drug screen. This is further explained in the Hiring Practices area. The second step is to establish a quality assurance program that is proactive and keeps the lines of communication open between all parties. When our quality assurance program is combined with our well trained and experienced personnel, it becomes difficult to fail.

The PBS Quality Assurance Program includes:
  • Daily cleaning and issue logs
  • On site inspections
  • State of the art communications technology
  • Quarterly performance management meetings
  • Tenant satisfaction surveys
  • PBS employee surveys
  • Improvement awards
Training of our people is also critical. Our extensive training program consists of initial, on site, and ongoing training. PBS instructs on both standard and unique cleaning methods to cover any cleaning situation. This ensures that the space is cleaned properly the first time and looks sharp for demanding tenants. It also reduces the chance of any damage being caused from excessive or improper cleaning techniques. Hazardous material training helps protect both our employees and building tenants from chemicals that could result in potential injury if used improperly. PBS also has a safety program that helps protect our employees, building tenants and the public.

Not only are our employees well trained on the tools of the trade, but they are also trained on your unique requirements before they are allowed on to your site. This ensures that your property will be cleaned to the highest standard on day one. You won’t have to worry about any painful learning curve and associated complaints from building tenants. It also eliminates adverse effects from employee turnover.

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